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WEB DECK 04.16.19

Matt Sucich | Over My Head, Tiny Desk

The above video is an example of capturing a simple live performance, with intersting cinematography, in an interesting location, with stylized lighting. Great example of of what the “live performance” type of video can look like for an affordable one day shoot.

Hero House | Pretty Tough

The above video shows more of a concept video. Can still be done within our given budget if mixed in with other more simple videos, like above. We’ll have to keep these videos to a minimum.

Color Trends 2019 | Event Sizzle

The above video is an example of covering events and editing together sizzle videos for social, recapping the event in an exciting way for people who couldn’t attend, and offering a “thanks for joining us” for those who did attend.

Matt Sucich | If it’s Not One Thing

Another example of a live performance shoot, this one in the recording studio.

Sarah Nisch | Just So You Know

This video is 10 years old, so excuse the production quality : ) Sharing this video as an example of intercutting recording studio footage with simple verité “around the city” footage that supports the story.

Design Leadership Summit | Washington DC

This video is a longer form recap of an event than a social sizzle, and incorporates interviews to tell the story. This serves as an example for some of the doc style, artist, behind-the-scenes material we discussed.