To help launch its PostItForward campaign, the social media giant hired Notice Pictures to produce a video that would distill the essence of the initiative, which aims to leverage Tumblr's vast user base to crowd source advice and experiences on major issues, such as bullying, self-harm, and body image.

TUMBLR | Post it Forward | Mental Health Quilt

One year after Tumblr launched it's Post It Forward campaign, they decided to present the initiative "in real life". Tumblr partnered with Thrive NYC to engage New Yorkers in creating the Mental Health Quilt, bringing awareness to the importance of Mental Health. With events across all five boroughs, individuals participated in creating quilt squares, 'posting it forward' for loved ones struggling with mental illness, that would eventually be sewn into a large quilt to hang in the Mayors mansion. Notice Pictures produced this video to document their efforts.