Notice Pictures



K. Ryan Jones - Co-Founder/Director/Editor

K. Ryan Jones was the director and editor of the documentary, Fall from Grace, which premiered at South by Southwest in 2007 where it was acquired by Netflix and Showtime. He was so young at the time that he couldn't even really grow his now famous beard.  He was a video producer for Newsweek, and went on to produce content for outlets like, The New York Times, GQ, and MSNBC. In addition to working as a consultant and volunteer for FilmAid International,  Ryan co-directed and edited the documentaries Scott's Pizza Tours and Urban Century: America's Return to Main Street. He is the best pound-for-pound editor in the business, mostly because he knows all the best keyboard shortcuts.



Jeff Barry - Director/Producer

Jeff Barry is an award winning filmmaker working in the narrative and commercial spaces. He’s been named a ‘Filmmaker To Watch’ by both the Raindance and Atlanta Film Festivals. His films have played over eighty film festivals around the globe. Commercially, Jeff works with clients to create intimate yet dynamic content with a goal of making brands exciting, accessible and relatable. Jeff often works across a large range of projects, scaling up or down depending on the client’s needs. His experience taking projects from inception through delivery has helped him create an eye for content that is fine-tuned and acutely honed to the needs of the brand.


Shawn Willis - Co-Founder/Director/Cinematographer

Shawn Willis worked for several years as a location scout on television series including Law & Order, Californication, and The Americans. As much fun as all that was, he eventually decided to hang up his urban explorer hat and start making some cool stuff with his old pal, K. Ryan Jones. In 2014 they founded Notice Pictures. Since then Shawn has co-directed and shot the feature length documentaries Urban Century: America’s Return to Main Street and Scott's Pizza Tours. Shawn has been a documentary contributor for MSNBC and has served as an emergency responder and advisor to humanitarian organization, FilmAid International. He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Katherine and daughter Lydia.