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Using Video To Create Brand Empathy - Pt. 1 Locations

Video is the strongest tool in the marketing toolbox to create empathy for a brand. Stills, GIF's, cinemagraphs, and meme's are also very effective, but none of those elements can create the depth of viewing experience that video can. Video, due to the fact is affecting multiple senses for the viewer, allows for a greater emotional experience in its viewing.

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Reimagining the ‘Color of the Year’ Reveal Video

Every year, companies in the architecture & design community announce their Color of the Year — an announcement that is the culmination of months of research and travel around the globe to uncover trends. Ultimately, they name the one color that encapsulates the zeitgeist of that given year. Organizations then announce their Color of the Year with an elaborate media campaign featuring a “color reveal” video.

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Turning off the teleprompter

Not long ago, we were at a client’s corporate headquarters, filming a message from the CEO about the importance of safety in their manufacturing and distribution plants.  We had pre-loaded his remarks into a teleprompter, and he looked to camera, delivering his speech with good cadence and tone. When he finished, we could have called cut right there, and started packing up, but that's not how we work.

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